Doug Collins

Extension Specialist and Soil Scientist
[email protected]
Washington State University
2606 W Pioneer
Seattle, WA 98118
United States
(w) (253) 445-4658


FW22-389 Investigating the Addition of Clay to Feedstocks for Increased Nutrient Density and Carbon Stabilization in Compost
OW19-342 Investigating the elasticity of biochar: manure handling, compost feedstock, soil amendment and carbon storage.
WPDP19-10 Enhancing the Understanding of Opportunities for Nutrient Recycling and Food Safety in the Pacific and Mountain Northwest
WESP19-01 Developing the Western Cover Crop Council and Promoting the Regenerative Agriculture Movement through Cover Crops and Human Health
WRGR19-02 On-Farm Cover Crop Use, Evaluation, and Data Sharing with the Western Cover Crop Council
OW15-008 Optimizing nitrogen management on organic and biologically-intensive farms
SW14-013 Increasing adoption of reduced tillage strategies on organic vegetable farms in the maritime
SW11-072 Selecting management practices and cover crops for reducing tillage, enhancing soil quality, and managing weeds in western WA
GW06-011 Soil Community Structure, Function, and Spatial Variation in an Organic Agroecosystem