Dr. Eric Gallandt

Professor of Weed Ecology and Management
University of Maine
[email protected]
5722 Deering Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5722
(w) (207) 581-2933


GNE19-218 Automated Net Return Mapping: Using Inexpensive Technology for Maximizing Profit of Small-Scale Farms
GNE19-194 Analyzing Early Growth Characteristics and Anchorage Force to Improve Cultivation Tolerance in Carrots
GNE14-072 Balancing economy and ecology: A systems comparison of leading organic weed management strategies
GNE11-016 Farm-Grown Microbial Soil Inoculants: Effects on Bread Wheat Yield and Quality
ONE11-141 Fall Flame Weeding: Targeting weed seeds before they enter the seedbank
GNE10-004 Improving Weed Control on the Small Farm: Evaluation of Scale-Appropriate Cultivation Tools
ONE09-098 Evaluation of Scale-Appropriate Weed Control Tools for the Small Farm
LNE06-237 Managing weed seed rain: A new paradigm for organic and low-input farmers
LNE01-141 Diversity - Intensity of Cover Crop Systems: Managing Weed Seed Bank - Soil Health