Dr. Jessica Davis

Colorado State University
[email protected]
Agricultural Experiment Station
Fort Collins, CO 80523-3001


SW14-023 On-farm Cyanobacterial Bio-fertilizer Production to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production
EW09-013 In-service Training and Decision-Making Tools for Optimizing Livestock Mortality Management
SW09-053 Harnessing the Sun for On-farm Fertilizer Production
EW05-015 Manure Management: An essential component of 4-H livestock projects
EW02-017 Establishing Dialogue Between Alternative Agricultural Producers and the Land-Grant University in Colorado
EW96-002 Improving Manure Management to Protect Water Quality in the Southwestern U. S.
SW96-007 Reducing Environmental Contamination from Feedlot Manure in the South Platte River Basin through Agronomic, Economic, and Social Analysis and Education