Jennifer Hashley

Trustees of Tufts College / New Entry Sustainable Farming Project
[email protected]
150 Harrison Avenue, Rm 121
Boston, MA 02111
(w) (617) 636-3793


ENE20-162 Farm Mentorship Training and Support Groups for Educators of Aspiring and Beginning Farmers
LNE19-386R Creative Farm Business Models to Address Employee Hiring, Training, and Management Barriers
ONE18-314 Training Beginning Farmers in Crop Production Skills to Build Climate Resilience
ONE17-290 Legal guidelines for on-farm labor and learning
ONE16-261 Connecting with institutional markets for World PEAS Food Hub participants
ONE15-236 Crop quality and food safety support for World PEAS Food Hub participants
ENE14-132 Improving the viability of beginning farm enterprises by strengthening Northeastern farm incubator projects
ONE14-207 Expanding the Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts
ONE13-183 Pastured poultry enterprise: Profits, production, and processing support with new and diversifying small-scale farms
CNE12-100 Community Farmland Connections through a Targeted GIS Identification and Outreach Approach
LNE09-284 Outreach, training, and education for small-scale poultry producers using MPPUs in Massachusetts
ENE05-092 Northeast Network of Immigrant Farming Projects
LNE05-223 New Entry Sustainable Farming Project transitioning farmer program