Dr. James Stute

Research Consultant
Stute Farms
[email protected]
W3736 Little Prairie Rd
East Troy, WI 53120
United States
(w) (608) 449-6863


FNC24-1436 Up or down: Should row cleaners be used when planting green into cereal rye?
ONC23-135 Finding the sweet spot: rye termination timing to balance weed suppression and yield reduction in green planted no-till soybean.
ONC21-094 Can "planting green" suppress troublesome glyphosate tolerant/ resistant weeds in no-till soybean?
FNC21-1308 Can T-banding gypsum at planting prevent soil crusting and improve emergence in no-till corn and soybean?
LNC21-456 Can cover crops pay? Unraveling yield enhancement on a wide scale to provide incentive for increased adoption.
FNC14-979 Evaluation of Oilseed Radish Biomass Management As A Control Strategy For Pests In No-Till Corn
FNC08-706 Optimization of corn production following legume green manures
FNC06-626 Evaluation of Annual Legumes as Alternatives to Red Clover for Use as Cover Crops