Dr. Katherine Jennings

Associate Professor
[email protected]
2721 Founders Drive
Campus Box 7609
Raleigh, NC 27607
(w) (919) 515-1224


GS21-252 Improving Nutsedge and Grass Control in Organic Production Systems Using Sequential Mowing and Organic Herbicide Application
GS21-253 Combining Roller Crimpers and Electrical Methods for Termination of Cover Crops in Herbicide-free Reduced-tillage Vegetable Crop Production Systems
GS19-205 Optimizing Electrical and Mechanical Palmer Amaranth Control and Reducing Seed Production and Viability
GS18-185 Evaluation of Reduced and Strip-tillage Cover Crop Sweet Potato Production Systems on Soil Health, Sweet Potato Growth, and Weed Management Programs