Katherine Petersson

University of Rhode Island
120 Flagg Rd., CBLS Room 177
Kingston, RI 02881
(w) (401) 874-2951


LNE23-464 Got Worms? Breeding for Parasite Resistance to Ensure the Sustainability and Resilience of Small Ruminant Operations
LNE19-381 Expanding Opportunities for Sustainable Management of Small Ruminant Gastrointestinal Parasites
GNE17-145 The effect of season upon the life cycle and development of Haemonchus contortus in experimentally infected lambs
LNE15-342 New approaches for improving integrated parasite control strategies in the Northeast
GNE14-071 Anthelmintic efficacy of pelleted cranberry leaf powder against experimental Haemonchus contortus infection in lambs
LNE10-300 Improving small ruminant parasite control in New England