Maud Powell

Small Farms Extension Agent
OSU Extension
Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center
569 Hanley Rd
Central Point, OR 97504
(w) (541) 776-7371


FW23-412 Expanding Commercial Drought-Tolerant Seed Production
FW23-422 Uncovering the Efficacy of Hemp Byproduct as a Mushroom Growing Medium: Nurturing Symbiosis Between Local Farmers
FW23-425 Evaluate the impact of no-till practices on soil health in high tunnels and low tunnels
WOR23-001 Farm Planning for Climate Resilience, An Oregon Train the Trainer Program
FW22-405 No/low-till practices as a water conservation tool on small-scale vegetable farms East of the Cascades
WSP22-002 Western Region SARE State Program
WSP20-007 Western Region SARE State Program
WSP19-024 Oregon PDP Program
WSP18-014 Oregon 2018-20 PDP project
OW17-008 Training Seed Producers and Increasing Local Markets for Seed Production
WSP17-013 2018 Oregon State University PDP Project
MW16-002 Women in Sustainable Agriculture Conference
SW09-703 Expanding Small-scale Grain Production in Southwestern Oregon