Mohammad Babadoost

Associate Professor
University of Illinois
[email protected]
1102 S. Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
(w) (217) 333-1523


GNC15-217 Developing Effective Treatments for Eradication of Xanthomonas cucurbitae in Pumpkin Seed
GNC10-139 Effective Management for Fire Blight for Sustainable Apple Production in Illinois
GNC10-144 Determining the Host-range and Developing Seed-treatment for Managing Bacterial Spot on Pumpkin
GNC08-087 Determining the effectiveness of mustard short-cycle cover crops in managing soil-borne fungal pathogens in cucurbits
GNC07-074 Developing an Effective Strategy for Management of Internal Discoloration of Horseradish Root
GNC05-047 Determining the occurrence and distribution of viruses causing diseases on cucurbit crops for developing effective management strategies.
GNC05-053 Developing Methods for Determining Survival of Phytophthora capsici in Soil for Establishing Effective Cropping Rotations for Sustainable Vegetable Production
LNC03-228 New Strategies for Management of Vegetable Diseases in Organic and Traditional Farms
GNC02-006 Determining Genotypic and Pathogenic Diversity Among Phytophthora Capsici Isolates for Establishing Sustainable Cropping Rotations