Dr. Marilyn Swisher

Professor of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences
University of Florida
[email protected]
3026 McCarty Hall D
P.O. Box 110310
Gainesville, FL 32611-0310
United States
(w) (352) 273-3538


SFL23-001 2023 Florida SARE Model State Program - University of Florida
SFL23-A001 2023 Florida SARE Program Assistant
SFL22-001 University of Florida Training Grant- MSP22
SPDP21-03 Bridging the Food Supply and Sustainable Agriculture Systems with the Nonprofit Sector
LS21-353 Evaluating the Dual-Purpose of Chickpea: A Cash and Cover Crop for Agricultural Production Systems in the Southeast
SFL21-001 2021 University of Florida SARE MSP
SSFL21-A02 2021 Florida SARE MSA Proposal UF
GS21-237 Agricultural Water Resource Management in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
SFL20-001 2020 Model State Program- University of Florida
SFL19-001 2019 Model State Program- University of Florida
SFL19-002 2019 Model State Program- Florida A&M University
SFL18-001 SFL18-001
SFL18-002 2018 Model State Program Report
SFL17-001 SFL17-001 2017-2018 Model State Program
SFL17-002 SFL17-002 Model State Program
SFL16-002 2016-2017 Model State Program Florida A&M University
SFL16-001 2016-2017 Model State Program University of Florida
GS02-019 Chemical Ecology of Microtheca ochroloma
LST96-012 Facilitating Farmer to Farmer Networks: An Experimental Approach
LST94-007 Evaluating Sustainability: Gaining Insights