Dr. Perry Miller

Professor - Sustainable Cropping Systems
Montana State University
[email protected]
LRES Dept, 334 Leon Johnson Hall
PO Box 173120
Bozeman, MT 59717-3120
(w) (406) 994-5431


GW23-255 Understanding Soil Water Capture and Use in Very Tall Stubble
GW20-205 Measuring intra-field variability in pea protein to understand influencing factors in Montana cropping systems
GW18-151 Advancing Cover Crop Knowledge: Assessing the Role of Plant Diversity on Soil Change
GW16-053 Cover Crop Grazing: Optimal Seasonality for Soil and Livestock Benefit
SW11-099 Using cover crop mixtures to improve soil health in low rainfall areas of the northern plains
GW10-032 Investigating the Legume Green Fallow Alternative on North-Central Montana No-Till Operations
SW02-005 Increasing Crop Water Use Efficiency in Advanced No-Till Systems