Dr. Quirine Ketterings

Cornell University
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323 Morrison Hall
Department of Animal Science
Ithaca, NY 14853
(w) (607) 255-3061


ENE16-143 Whole farm nutrient mass balances for outcome-based adaptive management of nutrients on dairy farms
GNE15-108 Unraveling the milk production potential of winter cereals grown as forage double crops in corn or sorghum rotations
GNE14-085 Evaluating Tradeoffs Between Forage Quality and Yield for Winter Cereals Grown as Forage Double Crops
LNE14-332 Winter triticale or rye as a double crop to protect the environment and increase yield
GNE12-039 Using forage yield monitors to improve nutrient recycling and environmental protection
ONE12-162 Developing a practical guide to using the CSNT and ISNT for improved nitrogen balances on dairy farms
LNE11-307 Potassium and sulfur management of alfalfa; Farmer-driven testing of management methods
ENE09-112 Greater impact of advisor-farmer interactions through improved tools for whole-farm evaluation
LNE08-271 Use of Whole Farm Analysis to Reduce Nutrient Losses, Improve Nutrient Cycling, Carbon Status and Energy Use on Small Dairies in New York State
LNE02-173 Reducing Phosphorus Fertilizer Inputs for Field Corn Production
LNE99-126 Comprehensive Nutrient Management on Small Farms: Determining Obstacles - Implications for Extension Education Activities