Dr. Sid Bosworth

Extension Professor
University of Vermont
[email protected]
208 Jeffords Hall
63 Carrigan Drive
Burlington, VT 05405-0082
(w) (802) 656-0478


ONE17-299 Evaluating the perennial living mulches in a silage corn production system in the Northeast
ONE16-253 Can grazing selectivity increase fatty acid and nutritive content of annual forages grown for dairy?
ENE14-130 Professional development project in weed and forage identification and management
GNE14-091 Evaluating the Use of Forage Radish to Enhance Winter Rye Cover Crop Performance
ONE13-175 Enhancing honey production with clover: Innovative methods to use white and alsike clover in Vermont hay fields
ONE12-155 Raw waste milk as a pasture amendment
ONE11-137 Underseeding Clover in Organic Wheat to Reduce Mycotoxins and Improve Grain Quality
ONE06-052 Assessing on-farm pasture availability and forage quality for dairy feed planning