Dr. Vern Grubinger

Extension Professor
University of Vermont
[email protected]
130 Austine Dr.
Brattleboro, VT 05301-7040
(w) (802) 656-7534


ENE06-097 A video on sustainable tillage practices for vegetable farms
ENE05-091 Climate change and agriculture: Preparing educators to promote practical and profitable responses
ENE04-086 In-Depth Organic Training for Agricultural Professionals
ENE03-074 A video on vegetable farmers and their innovative cover crop techniques
ENE01-059 A Professional Development Conference on Organic Agriculture
ENE99-047 A Video on Ecological Sweet Corn Production
ENE97-030 Video of Innovations in On-Farm Marketing in New England
ENE97-036 A Comprehensive Training in Sustainable Agriculture
ENE95-009 A Video Training on Cultivation Featuring Talented Farmers - Their Weed Control Machines