Dr. Geoff Zehnder

Professor of Entomology and Coordinator IPM & Sustainable Agriculture Programs
Clemson University
E-142 Poole
Clemson, SC 29634
(w) (864) 933-6742


ES17-137 Wholesale Success: Building the capacity of farmers to meet demand for locally and sustainably grown produce
SSC17-001 SSC17-001 Model State Program
SSC16-001 2016-2017 Model State Program Clemson University
ES13-117 Training in Renewable Energy Systems for Small Farms to Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Profitability
GS13-126 Weeds, Nitrogen, and Yield: Measuring the Effectiveness of an Organic No-Till System
ES10-106 On-Farm Training in Organic Pest Management Practices for Small, Diversified Farms
LS04-213 Development and Integration of Sustainable Agriculture Core Curriculum Training into the Southern Region Extension Education System
LS03-155 Creating a value chain system for local and regional farm products
ES02-064 Calhoun Fields Laboratory: A Program for Experiential Training in Organic Farming Systems