Early Winter Strawberry Production

Final Report for FNE94-076

Project Type: Farmer
Funds awarded in 1994: $1,943.12
Projected End Date: 12/31/1994
Region: Northeast
State: Pennsylvania
Project Leader:
Harry Zimmerman
Cinnamon Hill Farm
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Project Information


Note to readers, attached is the complete final report for FNE94-076.

Berries were ready for harvest beginning of late October. Although the plants flowered rapidly after setting, the berries were slow to develop. In spite of the assistance with pollination, catfacing was a persistent problem, as was fruit rot.

Initially, the harvest was quite exciting; however, as the day length grew shorter, the amount and quality of fruit diminished. The marketable fruit was sold for $1.75 per pint; the demand was much higher than expected, but the harvest was considerably below expectations. As the days grew shorter, we noted that, though flowering was still profuse, the fruit wither while still small and green. No explanation for this phenomenon could be obtained. Supplemental lighting was suggested, however, Professor Pritts has reported it to be unnesscary. By mid-December, the harvest had diminished to near nil, although the plants still appear to be healthy and flowered vigorously. At this point, night temperature was reduced to 45.

Economically, the project was a serious disappointment. Only $57.25 worth of berries were sold; about the same amount of berries of lower quality were harvested and made into jam. This was sold for about $50.00 over costs.


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