2019 Model State Program- Texas AgriLife Extension Services

Progress report for STX19-001

Project Type: PDP State Program
Funds awarded in 2019: $22,222.00
Projected End Date: 06/30/2022
Grant Recipient: Texas A&M University
Region: Southern
State: Texas
State Coordinators:
Dr. Vanessa Corriher-Olson
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Nelson Daniels
Prairie View A&M University
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Project Information


Texas’ Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Committee meets annually to oversee the state program for training agricultural professionals in concepts of sustainable agriculture. The program involves a multifaceted effort that provides training opportunities for County Extension Agents, FSA personnel, NRCS personnel, producers, and other agricultural professionals and also incorporates concepts of sustainable agriculture in existing, state-wide training efforts. These training opportunities include conferences, field meetings and workshops held at various
locations in Texas.

Another approach of the Texas Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Committee is to support travel of selected professionals to regional and national conferences on sustainable agriculture, with the intent of participants gaining knowledge and skills that they will share with other agricultural professionals in Texas.

Program evaluation will be accomplished with pre- and post-tests designed to measure knowledge gained by participating in educational programs. A subset of attendees will be mailed an additional survey instrument four to eight months after the training to determine if participants have adopted any of the sustainable concepts presented. The aim of the evaluation is assess knowledge gained and to determine whether new knowledge will be applied in future programs for their clientele.

Project Objectives:

SARE outreach objectives for Texas
I) Annually conduct training for new employees of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension (AgriLife) and the Cooperative Extension Program (CEP) at Prairie View A&M University regarding sustainable agricultural practices and Southern Region SARE programs. Goal of training 20 new employees.
2) Annually include USDA – Farm Service Agency (FSA), USDA- Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Credit System personnel in seminars and trainings regarding sustainable agriculture practices and Southern Region SARE programs held locally or on a state-wide basis. Goal of training 20 USDA and Farm Credit personnel.
3) Annually participate in three outreach efforts, such as field days and industry conferences, to inform producers and agricultural professionals regarding the SARE program. Goal of reaching 500 agricultural professionals.
4) Maintain a website to provide timely and updated information related to SARE and the SARE grant program to Texas clientele. Goal of 500 ·’hits” on updated website.
5) Annually conduct training for Extension agents and agency staffs to learn to instruct socially disadvantaged farmers, landowners and community leaders, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, women and persons who have limited resources of land, labor and capital regarding sustainable agriculture practices and Southern Region SARE programs. Goal of training 20 Extension agents and/or agency personnel.


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  • Derrick Banks (Educator)
  • Brent Batchelor (Educator)
  • Sue Beckwith(Educator/Farmer)
  • Kim Benton(Educator)
  • Dr. Diane Boellstorff(Educator)
  • Mark Burow(Dairy Goat Farmer)
  • Brandi Chandler(Educator)
  • Dr. Jason Cleere(Educator/Rancher)
  • Dr. Doug Constance(Educator)
  • Dr. Megan Clayton(Educator/Rancher)
  • Stedman Douglas(Educator)
  • Johnie DeBara(Farmer)
  • Dr. Nelson Daniels(Educator)
  • Monty Dozier(Educator/Rancher)
  • Dr. Rebekka Dudending(Educator)
  • Roy Flora(Educator/Rancher)
  • Ashley Gregory(Educator)
  • Mengmeng Gu(Educator)
  • Kesha Henry(Educator)
  • Jennifer Herrara(Educator)
  • Corey Hicks(Educator)
  • Horace Hodge(Researcher/Rancher)
  • Boone Holiday(Educator/Farmer)
  • Brent Johnson(Farmer)
  • Sercy Jordan(Farmer)
  • Jackie King(Rancher)
  • Mandy Krause(Educator/Rancher)
  • Travis Krause(Educator/Rancher)
  • Dr. Patrick Lillard(Educator)
  • Susie Marshall(Educator/Farmer)
  • Dr. Craig Coufal(Educator/Farmer)
  • Dr. Joe Masabni(Educator)
  • Rene McCracken(Educator/Farmer
  • Justin Meckell(Farmer/Rancher)
  • Laura Miller(Educator/Farmer)
  • Mike Morris(Educator)
  • Kimberly Perry(Educator)
  • Jerome Peters(Farmer)
  • Betsy Pierson(Educator)
  • Dr. Reed Redden(Educator/Rancher)
  • Robert "Skip" Richter(Educator)
  • Andrew Smiley(Educator)
  • John W. Smith(Educator/Rancher)
  • Barbara Storz(Educator/Farmer)
  • Brad Stufflebeam(Educator/Farm
  • Todd Swift(Educator/Rancher)
  • Ricky Thompson(Educator/Rancher
  • Leo Williams(Rancher)
  • Diane Woods(Educator/Farmer)
  • Rolando Zamora(Educator)


Educational approach:

The schedule, objectives and deliverables for the project were interrupted due to Covid-19 impacts. Activities began to resume in 2021.

Education & Outreach Initiatives

Covid-19 restrictions impacted the project schedule

The schedule, objectives and deliverables for the project were interrupted due to Covid-19 impacts. Activities began to resume in 2021.


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