Market Planning for Value-Added Agricultural Products

1999 Annual Report for ENE99-051

Project Type: Professional Development Program
Funds awarded in 1999: $25,490.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2001
Region: Northeast
State: New Hampshire
Project Leader:
John Porter
New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Market Planning for Value-Added Agricultural Products


This project will bring Extension, USDA and other agricultural resource professionals together with farmers who are just beginning to venture into value-added product development in a two-day, intensive, interactive training course, and follow-up review/market plan critique session to enhance applied marketing knowledge. The goal is to help agricultural professionals and farmers become effective “marketing coaches” to operations that are developing value-added products. Course materials will be packaged into a “Value-Added Marketing Resource Kit” for farmers and agricultural professionals.

1. The training course will address the needs of farmers and agricultural professionals for practical, applied information that can guide the development of realistic, workable strategies and plans for marketing value-added farm products.
2. Agricultural professionals will learn the basics of value-added product marketing, understand critical market development issues to raise with farmers and become familiar with resources available to assist farmers with market planning for value-added products.
3. Participants will develop an assessment tool to evaluate market plans and strategies for value-added products.

4. Course materials will be packaged into a “Value-Added Marketing Resource Kit.”

Approved March 1999


Richard De Mark

Hollie Umphrey

Lynda Brushett

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