Establishment of Rotational Grazing System Utilizing Warm and Cool Season Grasses

1996 Annual Report for FNC96-161

Project Type: Farmer/Rancher
Funds awarded in 1996: $5,000.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/1998
Region: North Central
State: Missouri
Project Coordinator:

Establishment of Rotational Grazing System Utilizing Warm and Cool Season Grasses


"This project is important, because the soil in this area is relatively poor and highly erodible. Other producers need to see how to implement new ideas and techniques so that they will be able to be better stewards of their resources and increase the productivity of their land. This will help us market our warm-season grass seed, as well as increase the profitability of our land and protect our resources."

Objectives: To create an efficient rotational grazing system that will increase the productivity of relatively poor and highly erodible soil. To improve and protect the natural springs and increase the wildlife habitat by woodland exclusion. To promote this grazing system as a model for other producers with similar needs. Funds will be used to create a rotational grazing system of about 180 acres utilizing about 50% warm-season grasses and 50% cool-season grasses to carry 75 to 80 cow/calf pairs.

Results: The project coordinator has established an excellent rotational grazing system for beef cattle production on higly erodible soils by utilizing cool- and warm-season grasses, high-tensil fencing and improved watering systems. The project coordinator fenced off springs and woodlands, and used ram pumps and solar-powered submersibles to deliver water to selected sites, protecting springs and riparian areas, as well as enhancing grazing and wildlife sites.