Testing an aerated static pile (ASP) compost system for efficiency of time and space

2016 Annual Report for FNE16-855

Project Type: Farmer
Funds awarded in 2016: $14,953.00
Projected End Date: 11/30/2019
Grant Recipient: Tamarlane Farm
Region: Northeast
State: Vermont
Project Leader:
Eric Paris
Kingdom View Compost

Testing an aerated static pile (ASP) compost system for efficiency of time and space


Kingdom View Compost was created in 2005 and we began collecting food scraps from area food scrap generators such schools, restaurants, etc. These food scraps are mixed with wood chips and manure on our certified organic dairy farm to produce our valuable fertilizer. Over these ten years, the local program has grown from around 2-3 Tons/Week of scraps to around 12 Tons/Week. Our farm has worked to keep up, but the program is growing faster than we are, which has made the operation crowded for space and inefficient.

Our goal is to able to efficiently process our permitted limit of 16 Tons/Week, without continuing to build compost pads on our valuable pasture. We looked at several options in depth and with limited funding, we believe that we have found a solution that fits. We are piloting a low cost aerated static pile (ASP) compost system can potentially decrease the time, costs, and footprint involved compared to the way we presently produce compost. If this new approach works well, it could serve as a model system for others to follow, as it might allow a larger volume of material to be processed using a smaller area than traditional composting methods allow. We plan to host an on-farm composting field day in the spring of 2017, after we have had enough time to trial and learn from the system.

Objectives/Performance Targets

In 2016 we concluded that our test mobile aerated static pile compared to a conventionally turned windrow would produce results of data collected that could be used industry wide to determine if a mobile asp can process raw material into finished compost faster and more efficiently than in a conventionally turned windrow.  We built an electrical supply to our composting facility, erected a small building that houses our asp blower, timer, and related components.  We constructed the pvc blower pipes that run under the compost which dispense the air from the blower.  

We also constructed the asp itself and installed the data loggers created by James McSweeney from Compost Technical Services (our technical advisor) which will transmit data concerning the health of the pile including time and temperatures of the pile to determine when and for how long the pile reached and maintained 130 degrees.  We also built the asp pile and have the entire system up, running and recording data.

We look forward to seeing the results of the asp vs. the conventionally turned windrow and sharing these results with interested parties.  Results yet to come.


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