Evaluating value chain facilitators

2014 Annual Report for ONE14-210

Project Type: Partnership
Funds awarded in 2014: $14,905.00
Projected End Date: 12/31/2017
Grant Recipient: Rutland Area Farm and Food Link
Region: Northeast
State: Vermont
Project Leader:
Executive Director
Rutland Area Farm and Food Link

Evaluating value chain facilitators


RAFFL and Fair Food are working together to identify metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of nonprofit “value chain facilitiators”.  We have selected an evaluator to work with us on this project.  In order to establish meaningful metrics and tracking tools, we met together to discuss the goals of our organizations and to identify the roles we each play in connecting actors along various supply chains.  We identified the value of that role and the many ways it create new sales and other connections between farms and the communities we serve.  We discussed meaningful ways of creating feedback loops that would allow us to track information about our impact while also reinforcing the connections we are creating.

RAFFL and Fair Food staff met again to discuss various tools and methods for tracking information. 

Each organization is now creating systems for tracking information over a period of time.

Objectives/Performance Targets

New Timeline

Feb 2015: review decisions and assign roles

March 2015: RAFFL and Fair Food review measurement systems and any data collected. Contact evaluator for input

May 2015: work with evaluator to determine how well systems are working

June 2015 – Nov 2015: adjust and continue to collect data

Jan 2016: review results, evaluate findings, and compile a summary report on findings

March 2016:  present findings to networks and determine next steps

April 2016: final report to NESARE


Activities to date

March 2014: Award announced, phone meeting RAFFL and Fair Food

April – May 2014: Contract paperwork completed, phone meeting RAFFL and Fair Food

June 17, 2014: In-person mtg RAFFL and Fair Food (at UVM while Fair Food staff was in town) to discuss consultants

June 27, 2014: Contract with YellowWood Associates signed

July 22, 2014: In-person mtg with RAFFL, Fair Food and Yellow Wood (at UVM) to talk about the two organizations, our approaches, what we want to measure, and launch the initiative

Sept 15, 2014: In-person mtg with RAFFL and Fair Food (in Philadelphia) to discuss progress, compare challenges and evaluate tracking systems

Oct 17, 2014: Check-in phone call with RAFFL and Fair Food

Due to staffing changes and other factors the timeline for this project was delayed. 

Impacts and Contributions/Outcomes


Ann Karlen

Executive Director
Fair Food
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