Judson Reid

Senior Extension Associate
Cornell Vegetable Program
[email protected]
417 Liberty St.
Penn Yan, NY 14527
(w) (315) 536-5123


LNE21-421 Sustainable Pest Management for New York Urban Farmers
ONE14-221 Advancing living mulch in plasticulture vegetables
ONE12-171 Spring application of winter rye grain for weed control in summer vegetables
LNE10-302 Sustainable pest management in high tunnel winter greens production
ONE10-125 Low-To-No-Heat hanging Baskets
LNE07-262 Natural pest management in New York high tunnel and greenhouse vegetables
ONE06-062 Reflective mulch to repel thrips in onions
ONE05-046 Hybrid and heirloom high-tunnel tomato variety trial
ONE05-047 New York high-tunnel pepper variety trial
ONE04-028 High Tunnel Tomato Variety Trial