Dr. Koon-Hui Wang

Associate Professor
University of Hawaii
3050 Maile Way #310
Honolulu, HI 96822-2231
(w) (808) 956-2455


SW20-911 Instant biofumigation using natural products from papaya seed waste for sustainable management of soil-borne plant pathogens
GW20-212 Evaluate sorghum and sorghum-sudangrass hybrids as soil builders and microbial enhancer crops in the tropic.
WPDP19-21 Building Competencies in Hawaii’s Agricultural Professionals and Stakeholders in Under Represented Agricultural Communities Through Collaborative Partnerships. State of Hawaii.
GW18-026 Cover Crop "5-in-1 Approach" for Nematode Management Using Mustard and Oil Radish
OW15-019 Sustainable Pest Management Approaches for High Tunnel Screenhouse Production in the Tropics
GW14-007 Evaluating the Potential of Oyster Mushroom Compost Waste for Plant-Parasitic Nematode Management
SW08-037 Sunn hemp and its allelopathic compounds for vegetable production in Hawaii and beyond
SW07-604 Improving and extending the superhero status of the sunn hemp to other growers in need of help