Marla Spivak

Distinguished McKnight University Professor Apiculture / Social Insects
University of Minnesota
[email protected]
530A Hodson Hall
1980 Folwell Avenue
St Paul, MN 55108
(w) (612) 624-4798


ONC16-019 Causes of Honey Bee Queen Failure in Commercial Beekeeping Operations
GNC12-153 Benefits of Propolis to Honey Bee Health and Immunity
GNC09-102 The effects of Nosema ceranae infection on honey bee health and Colony Collapse Disorder
GNC07-083 Determination of volatile compounds that elicit removal of diseased brood by hygienic honey bees.
GNC06-072 Comparison of Use and Chemical Composition of Propolis Collected by U.S. Honey Bees
LNC05-264 Reducing Pesticide Use in Honey Bee Colonies through Sound Sampling and Treatment Procedures
LNC02-202 A Sustainable Approach to Reducing Pesticide and Antibiotic Use in Honey Bee Colonies
LNC99-152.1 A Sustainable Approach to Controlling Varroa Mites of Honey Bees
LNC97-117 A Sustainable Approach to Controlling Mite Pests of Honey Bees