Dr. Keefe Keeley

Executive Director
Savanna Institute
[email protected]
2453 Atwood Ave
Suite 209
Madison, WI 53704
(w) (608) 448-6432


LNC23-491 Organic Agroforestry Knowledge Diffusion: Documenting and sharing best practices on demonstration farms through on-farm education and training
LNC22-473 Novice-to-Producer Agroforestry Education: Linking demonstration farms to online learning, apprenticeships, & communities of practice
ENC20-191 Online Agroforestry Course for Professionals
ONC18-049 Agroforestry education using the collective experience of pioneer farmers
ONC16-017 Evaluating and Sharing Techniques in Silvopasture Establishment
ONC15-005 Crop Performance, Pests, and Pollinators in Diverse Agroforestry Systems