Jensen Uyeda

Assistant Extension Agent
University of Hawaii
[email protected]
Office of Research Service
2440 Campus Road, Box 368
Honolulu, HI 96822-2234
(w) (808) 956-7800


WPDP24-031 Building Bridges Across the Pacific: Harnessing Island and Remote Area Regional Food Business Centers to Promote Sustainable Agricultural Extension
OW23-378 Estimating the Application Rate of Locally Produced Liquid Organic Fertilizer to Meet Crop N Requirement
WHI24-001 2024 WSARE State Implementation Program
WHI21-001 SARE State Plan for Hawaii 2021 PDP
WSP19-018 SARE State Program Plan for Hawaii
MW18-005 Virtually There: Enhancing the Online Capacity and Impact of Hawaii Agricultural Professionals
WSP18-007 Hawaii 2018-20 PDP project
WSP17-007 2018 University of Hawaii PDP Project