Reporting System Instructions

As a SARE grant recipient, you will be required to submit periodic progress reports. Progress reports are due annually until a final report is approved by an administrator.

The SARE program uses an electronic reporting system to review report submissions and post approved project reports at


If you have any problems logging in, please read: Creating or resetting your password instructions. If you still have trouble logging in, contact [email protected] for support.

Your Profile

Once logged in, edit your user profile by clicking “View/Edit your profile” at Click “Edit” on the user profile page, then enter your personal information. Click “Edit” at the bottom of the page to save your entries.

Project Overview

Use the links on the Project Overview page to access and update the following:

  • Project Report: Access the working and previously approved versions of your project report.
  • Information Products: Add information products produced as part of your project.
  • Benefits and Impacts: Select the benefits and impacts you expect your project will lead to or influence over the long term.
  • Commodities and Practices: Select the commodities and practices that are relevant to your project. This information is used to help users search for relevant projects.

Project Reports

The reporting system uses progressive reporting rather than independent annual and final reports. Progress reports are saved and modified for subsequent annual progress and final report submissions.  

Entering Data: To enter report data, open the Working Version of the report from the Project Overview page. Click “Edit” next to each section to enter report data. Fields with red asterisks are required.

When you submit your final report, no working version is created. You can create a new working version by going to the most recently Approved version and click the "Start a new draft report" and edit then submit that version.

There are two options for entering report data:

  • Recommended: Enter and format report data directly into the report using the system's text editor. This approach is least likely to result in formatting errors. See the instructions below for using the editor to enter tables, images and text into repeatable fields.
  • Alternately, create your report using a word processor and then copy and paste the information into the report sections. This approach may result in formatting errors when saving formatted content, tables or images.

When you are finished with a section, click one of two buttons at bottom of the screen:

  • Save: Save the current edits, and return to the main report page.
  • Cancel: Do not save the current edits and and return to the main report page. If you do not click the "Save" button, your work will not be saved.

Click the project number at the top right of the main report page to exit the report and return to the Project Overview page.

Submitting Reports: When your report is ready for submission, click “Go to Submit Report” from the main report page to submit your report. The following page will include a list of required fields (if any) that must be completed to submit your report. Click on each section and provide the required information.

After providing the requested information, return to the main report page and click “Go to Submit Report.” If you have answered all the required questions, you will see the "Submit Report" button.

If you’d like to send a note or questions to the administrator, enter them into the Comments field. If this is a final report, click the final report checkbox. Finally, click “Submit Report” to submit the report and notify the administrator.

Once the report is submitted, the report status will change from “Working Version” to “Pending Review.” After submission, you will not be able to edit the  report until the administrator has taken one of the following actions:

  • Modifications requested: The report will revert to working version status and posted to the Project Overview page for revision and resubmission.
  • Progress report approval: The report will be saved and made available for public view. An identical working version will be created and available from the Project Overview page for revision and resubmission as a subsequent progress or final report.
  • Final report approval: The report will be saved and made available for public view. An identical working version will not be created.

You will be notified by email once the administrator has reviewed your report.

Questions? Comments? Contact [email protected] for technical support.