Dr. Carl Motsenbocker

Louisiana State University AgCenter
155 Julian Miller Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
(w) (225) 578-1036


SLA21-002 Louisana MSP - Southern University 2021
SSLA21-A05 LSU 2021-2022 MSA
SLA21-001 LSU 2021-2022 MSP
SLA20-001 2020 Model State Program- Louisiana State University
SLA19-002 2019 Model State Program- Southern University Ag Center
SLA19-001 2019 Model State Program- Louisiana State University
SLA18-001 SLA18-001
SLA18-002 SLA18-002
SLA17-001 SLA17-001 Model State Program
SLA17-002 SLA17-002 Model State Program
SLA16-001 2016-2017 Model State Program Louisiana State University
SLA16-002 2016-2017 Model State Program Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center
GS11-103 Effects of High Tunnels on Lettuce, Parsley and Ciliantro in the Deep South
LS10-230 Improving fall vegetable crops and soils with summer cover crops